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Northern lights safari is a locally owned and operated company with a lot of knowledge about Tromsø and the arctic surrounding. All of our guides are born and bread under the Nothern lights and has a lot of experience from outdoor life in the arctic. We are looking forward to meeting new people from all around the world and show them how beautiful the arctic can be. 

Isak Hamnes

Co owner & guide

Iselin Abe

Director & owner

Ruben Hamnes

Co owner & guide

Where is Tromsø?

Tromsø is located 400km north of the arctic circle 69˚North. Tromsø is a city with around 73,000 people living here all year despite the conditions. The city is most known for the amazing northern lights, midnight sun and polar night.

John Carlos Roberto R

Thank you so much for an extravagant experience. Incredibly good match between adventure seekers and genuine organizers. Thank you so much, you will definitely see us again!

Keep up the good vibes!


Isak and Ruben were excellent and amazing tour guides. They were friendly and knowledgeable about the northern lights. They created a nice and cozy camp fire for the group and provided us with home-made soup. they also took really great photos for us and the northern lights.


It was a fantastic tour to experience. Though the weather was not great that day but guide took us to a great spot where we were able to see the northern lights. Guides were friendly and informative. Provided warm clothing and very nice photo shoot.
Value for money