Northern Lights Tour

Are you ready for an arctic adventure? We sure are! Please join us when we drive in our comfortable minibus out of Tromsø to the beautiful fjords, mountains and islands to chase the northern lights. We always go where the chance of finding miss Aurora is the highest. Some times we stay at the islands outside Tromsø, other times we drive as far as to the border of Finland. We will stop at different places so that you will be able to take photos in different surroundings. We can promise you that when the northern lights are dancing over you it’s magical! 

This tour takes maximum 15 guests, so it’s a small group, and you will have a lot of time to talk to our guides and get help with everything you need. 



  • guide
  • pick you up at the pick-up location, we drive you to your hotel at the end of our tour. (ithin Tromsø)
  • Easy meal
  • hot drinks around the bonfire (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)
  • thermal suits for use on the tour (check out our video to see how we recommend you to dress) 
  • tripod for use on the tour
  • photos from the tour, you can download them from our facebook
  • Duration: 5-7 hours
  • Remember to bring: Mittens, warm winter shoes, thick woolsocks, scarf, hat
  • You must also remember that the northern lights is not guaranteed to show up, the weather is not always on our side, but most nights we find it. We will do our best so that you will get what you came for. 
  • Adults: 1270 NOK. 
  • Children: 750 NOK
  • We don’t recommend this tour for children under 4 years.